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Meet  Our Team
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   Karis Campbell

Karis has always possessed the spirit of a performer and impassioned storyteller.

From a very young age she had a keen ability to bring her passion to every form of communication; from 'presenting' the events of her school day at the dinner table, to reading aloud to the family dog, As she matured into a young adult artist, her commitment to telling evocative and thoughtful stories grew.


Karis' father surprised her with tickets to Angels in America on her 17th birthday.

She was mesmerized by the abundant talent of the cast and the brilliant words of Tony Kushner and was forever altered by that experience.  A defining moment for her as an artist as it made her aware of the undeniable power of art to not only entertain, but to also ignite dialogue, educate, and inspire. This newfound knowledge began to take shape in how she identified her role and would ultimately inform the trajectory of her career.


Classically trained in London and New York, she has spent the past two decades working as an actor on stage, as well as in film and television. Best known for her recurring role on the acclaimed series, The West Wing, as well as other major guest-star and recurring roles on, The Fosters, Rizzoli & Isles, and The Resident.

After over two decades of breathing life into the visions of other artists, Karis has expanded  into working as a story steward, herself as a writer, director, and producer.

Tomorrow was Karis' writing and directorial debut.


    Paul Howard

    Executive Producer

Ask Paul's parents and they will tell you that Paul was destined to be a performer!

As a child he grabbed his toy guitar and performed Beatles songs for them on a makeshift stage; as a teenager he gained local notoriety for his uncanny ability to emulate Michael Jackson down to the smallest nuances of his performance; and when he ultimately left his Sacramento home to attend the University of California, Irvine as a drama major, his fate was sealed.


After college, Paul moved north towards the bright lights of Hollywood, where his interests in the entertainment industry continued to grow and evolve, the one thing that hasn't changed however is Paul's devoted passion to the performing arts. He has built a life working in the industry, and has been seen in film, television, music videos, local theater and his modeling work has appeared online and in national publications. Many of his credits can be found at his official website, as well as at the film reference site


As Paul continues to challenge himself with new and exciting opportunities, and more of a focus on writing, directing, and producing projects, he always strives to grow and evolve.

Matt kid photo for Tomorrow.jpg

Matt moved to LA, right after graduating from Washington State University, with little more than a bag full of basics and an ample store of ambition. He slept on a friend's couch and thanks to some leads from the more established alums from his alma mater, Matt embraced any and every opportunity he could find to work in the entertainment industry (if you get him alone at a party I am sure her will willingly divulge some of his more 'exciting' early jobs in LA.)

Since graduating from the coveted Director's Guild training program, he has worked steadily as an assistant director on a variety of acclaimed television series and is thrilled to be venturing into producing.

     Matt Buckler



Gareth Fient is a film and video editor based in the UK.  He has worked in many roles across various genres, but his true passion lies with documentaries and fictional drama. 


Gareth has racked up an impressive portfolio in his time, from short films to music videos and adverts. He has even worked on feature films, some that have gone onto national release on DVD and some that have premiered in the iconic West End, London.


Gareth strives for truth and naturalism in storytelling, looking to tell the stories that teach, educate, and enlighten people to all aspects of life, some that most would hope to never experience.

      Gareth Fient



    Lindsay Marcus


Lindsay Marcus is an LA-based composer, songwriter, and singer whose film credits include Tomorrow (short), Emoticon ;) ,The Last Rites of Joe May (Official Tribeca Film Festival Selection 2011), My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story, and has written music for the TV shows Fresh Off The Boat, Don’t Trust the B—— In Apt 23 (ABC), and Life In Pieces (CBS), and the beautiful independent feature film, The Place of No Words.


Most recently, Lindsay composed the original score for the 2021 Oscar-Winning Animated Short film, If Anything Happens I Love You.

In addition to creating underscore for media, Lindsay is an active songwriter and producer of pop music, including her own artist project, MARKS.

Marc Wiercioch.jpg

Marc was born and raised in Los Angeles. Always the shy kid, he hid behind the camera. 

Not until he finished being average at everything, but great at nothing, did Marc decided to dive into 'the biz' and has been enjoying the challenge ever since. From focus pulling, to operating, to shooting; Marc may still be 'hiding behind the camera' but he is managing to tell beautiful stories in the process.

   Marc Wiercioch

   Director of Photography


      Kate Norby


Kate Norby was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. With two actor parents, Kate was exposed to the theatre at an early age. When she was just 13, she went on the road with her mother, who was starring in the first national tour of Les Miserables. Kate trained at the highly regarded North Carolina School of the Arts. After a few years in New York, working mainly in theatre, Kate moved to LA to begin working in film and television. Kate has guest starred on over 25 television shows and has had recurring roles on Mad Men, Swingtown, Boston Public, and HBO’s acclaimed Big Love. Kate also starred in Rob Zombie's cult classic,

The Devil's Rejects.
Kate lives in the heart of Los Angeles (yes, there is one) with a know it all rocket scientist and
two crazy toddlers.

When Kate was a kid, she told her preschool teacher she wanted to be a nun like her mom. Her mom was playing a nun in a play at the time. The whole thing caused a bit of confusion.

Young Brian 001.JPG

DP/camera op reel:


Colorist reel:


Entertainment interviews:


More Red Carpet interviews:

      Brian Stone

      Assistant Camera


        Rudy Ruiz


Rudy has always been a fan of movies and performing for as long as he could remember. At a very young age he would spend weekends with his grandmother watching films like Terminator 2, The Godfather, The Poseidon Adventure, and John Carpenters Halloween among many others. This inspired his passion for cinema and filmmaking very early on. Besides being a cinema fan, Rudy began playing music in fourth grade beginning with the trumpet. After switching instruments a few times he eventually landed on the Tuba which he played in high school, college, and drum corps. His experience and love for performing in marching band sparked an interested in teaching the marching arts, specifically Visual, which he has continued ever since he graduated high school.


Filmmaking was always something Rudy wanted to try but it remained in the background of his music career until he aged out of drum corps in 2011. He decided to move on from music education and take a few introductory film production classes in 2012. Two Weeks into those classes he got his first PA job on a feature where he had the chance to work with various named actors. From there he continued to work hard moving up from PA to camera operator. Although Rudy went in wanting to be a Director, he has since become extremely passionate about cinematography. Most of his work on set has been in camera or lighting crew as a camera assistant, gaffer, grip, and Cinematographer. He's worked as a Cinematographer on a number of music videos, short films, and feature films. The idea of  painting with light and conveying story and emotions through colors and shadows had become the focus of his craft.


Currently, Rudy teaches Visual performance at various high school marching bands in Southern California as well as Touring with Pacific Crest Drum & Bugle Corps every summer where he now serves as Visual Caption Head. As far as filmmaking goes, He has been shifting focus to his own projects where he has made it a point to shoot on actual Film and develop his directing skills. 

You can follow him on Instagram @rlrrudy for behind the scenes pictures and clips of sets he's working on.

IMG_3103 3_edited.jpg

     Alexis Piligian

           Set Designer


       Tanya Tello

       Make-up Artist


Alexis Piligian is a self-taught artist born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.


While in college, Alexis saw the possibility of stage design as a vehicle for her art and started conceptualizing set designs, costumes, themes, and anything else that sparked her imagination. She moved back to LA after receiving her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and has been working as a production designer, set decorator, and prop master for the past 3 years.

“I feel like i just sang all the time as a kid and was convinced I'd grow-up making music until I learned to draw. After that i just saw the world differently and wanted to express that visually.” 






Tanya Tello is a freelance makeup artist who was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA. She always had a passion for makeup and science, yes, those girls do exist.  She first went on to pursue her love for science and received a bachelor's in Biology and Masters in Health Administration. While working in the healthcare field, she continued to stay on top of makeup trends.


Tanya began her career as a self-taught makeup artist 10 years ago in independent films and music videos. After many years on film sets, Tanya wanted to expand her career in makeup artistry and enrolled in April Love Pro Makeup Academy in San Gabriel, CA. Here she learned the power of color theory, character makeup (20s-60s), as well as, advanced avant-garde makeup techniques.


Tanya was nominated in 2016 for Best Makeup for "Delve" at the Fashion Film Festival. Her career has crossed over into bridal, beauty pageants, Los Angeles Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. She specializes in beauty, special events, and film. Tanya strives to make her clients feel comfortable and confident.  

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be mermaid when I grew-up.” this is still true :)

I am a professionally trained makeup artist born and raised in Southern California working in print, film and bridal. At a young age I fell in love with art which later evolved into a love for makeup.  I’m currently an undergraduate biology major, and consider makeup and learning my full time passion. 


“ When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut  when I grew-up.”

      Lulu Bernal
        Make-up Artist

Pattie's Little Girl Photo.PNG

Pattie Fitzgerald      
Child Safety Educator


Pattie Fitzgerald is the founder of, Safely Ever After, Inc., and is recognized as a
leading expert in the field of Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Education.


Her classroom curriculum is now taught in schools throughout the United States.
She is a former preschool teacher and certified Child Visitation Monitor, in addition

to her certification as a Child Safety Educator and family advocate.

Pattie is also the author of two highly acclaimed children’s books: “NO TRESPASSING-
THIS IS MY BODY!” and “SUPER DUPER SAFETY SCHOOL” both of which have
received strong praise from pediatricians, parents and educators across the country.


She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC World News,
CNN Headline News, MSNBC, Dateline NBC, and local television and radio news
programs across the country. Her classroom curriculum is now used in elementary
schools throughout the United States.

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